The Affordable Professional Pool Cleaning in Moreno Valley, CA for Your Property

People love to live in big houses where they have their your own swimming pools and landscapes. People love swimming pools, and many consider having them as something normal in a property. That is why many people have their own swimming pools. Most people that can afford one usually want it to be constructed in a variety of forms and specifications. This feature offers a  relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Many people can afford to get back home from and rest by the pool or swim in it. But it’s exhausting to do the cleaning by yourself, right? We, at Roca Pool Cleaning and Repair, also think like that. Located in Moreno Valley, CA, we can help you by offering the following services:

Commercial Pool Service

Commercial Pool Service

Professional pool cleaning. An easy way to escape from all the bacteria and dirt in your swimming pool. Our technicians offer a quality cleaning for our residential clients, using nothing but professional methods and cleaning products for the job. When you get back home after a long day at work, your swimming pool will be waiting for you.

Commercial pool cleaning. We offer our pool cleaning services to every hotel or training facility. Our friendly team of well-trained specialists knows how to deal with every dirty spot in every swimming pool and our clients are dedicated to every cleaning job, at affordable prices.

Pool filter installation. When it comes to pool filters, there are 3 types of pool filters that we use, cartridge filter, Diatomaceous Earth, and sand. Every company has a different opinion on which filter is better and why, so we choose the best filter for every swimming pool we serve.

Swimming pool maintenance. With every swimming pool, some proper maintenance is necessary. That is why, at our company, we provide a quality maintenance for every customer, commercial or residential.

Let us take care of your pool and be your pool company in Moreno Valley, CA! Contact Roca Pool Cleaning and Repair at (951) 313-4090!